The Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN)

The Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN)

Introduction and mission

Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN) is a network organized by the executive committee and supervised by the board of directors of the Taiwan Society of Neonatology. The network collaborates with majority of neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in Taiwan and is dedicated to improve neonatal care in the country. Annually auditing medical quality with evidence-based practices and sharing with peers will enhance the quality of care for preterm infants and newborns in Taiwan.

De-identified clinical variables related to key performance of NICU are collected periodically and analyzed annually to produce a benchmark of care for very low-birth-weight infants in Taiwan. Hospitals with outstanding performance are selected to share their experience with the participants of TNN at the annual meeting.

TNN has been a member of the "Asian neonatal network- AsianNeo" network system since 2020 and is aligned with other member countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand in the network. The goal of AsianNeo is to improve the quality of neonatal care in the hospitals in these participating countries.

Enrollment criteria

The current enrollment criteria of TNN are " Any live-born infants with birth weight ≦1500 grams or with gestational age less than 29 weeks and 6 days." On March 1, 2016, the registry system was formally started. So far, there are 32 participating hospitals and a total of 8346 data entries (2022).

We will continue to enroll more hospitals in Taiwan in the future and increase the coverage of registry to make this database more nationally representative.

In addition to increasing the availability and application of these data, TNN created three Working Groups in 2019 to focus on three care quality indicators (Hypothermia Group, EUGR Group, and CLD Group). Further data collection and analysis were performed to improve Taiwan's neonatal care by its analytic results to enhance the quality of care. In addition, we are also planning to join the consortium of international neonatal networks for further improving our clinical and academic performance.


1.Online searching and Downland(Which is exclusively for TNN Members)

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