The Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN)

The Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN)

Introduction and mission

The Taiwan Neonatal Network (TNN) is an organized network overseen by the executive committee and supervised by the board of directors of the Taiwan Society of Neonatology. Its mission is to collaborate with the majority of neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across Taiwan to enhance neonatal care in the country. This is achieved through annual audits of medical quality, using evidence-based practices, and sharing these findings with peers to elevate the standard of care for preterm infants and newborns in Taiwan.

TNN diligently collects de-identified clinical variables crucial to NICU performance on a periodic basis. These data are then meticulously analyzed each year to establish a benchmark of care specifically tailored for very low-birth-weight infants in Taiwan. Exceptional hospitals, demonstrating outstanding performance, are invited to share their experiences with other TNN participants during the annual meeting.

Since 2020, TNN has been an integral part of the "Asian neonatal network- AsianNeo," collaborating closely with other member countries, including Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. The overarching objective of AsianNeo is to elevate the quality of neonatal care in participating countries' hospitals.

Enrollment criteria

TNN's current enrollment criteria encompass live-born infants with a birth weight of less than or equal to 1500 grams or those born with a gestational age of less than 29 weeks and 6 days. This registry system was formally initiated on March 1, 2016, and has since grown to include 34 participating hospitals, comprising a total of 10259 data entries as of 2024.

The network's aspiration is to continually expand its reach by enrolling more hospitals across Taiwan, thus increasing the database's representativeness at a national level.

In addition to broadening data availability and utilization, TNN established three Working Groups in 2019, each focusing on distinct care quality indicators - the Hypothermia Group, EUGR Group, and CLD Group. Through ongoing data collection and analysis, TNN aims to drive improvements in neonatal care in Taiwan, guided by the analytical results to enhance overall care quality. Furthermore, the network is actively planning to join international neonatal networks' consortiums, fostering further advancements in clinical and academic performance.


1.Online searching and Downland(Exclusive to TNN Members)

    Online searching allows members to access 46 items from the database, categorized by gestational age and birth weight.

    Online searching also enables members to cross-reference mortality rates with seven specific items.

•    Members have the option to download the database for each participating hospital in TNN

2. Funnel Plot according to 10 items for each Hospital (Exclusive to TNN Members)

This feature provides TNN members with valuable data visualization through funnel plots, organized according to ten distinct criteria for each hospital.

3. TNN annual report

TNN compiles and shares an annual report, which contains insights and findings from the network's audits and analyses, contributing to the collective knowledge of neonatal care in Taiwan.

4. TNN annual meeting

The annual meeting serves as a crucial platform for TNN participants to come together, exchange experiences, and discuss the latest advancements and challenges in neonatal care. It fosters collaboration and the dissemination of best practices among member hospitals.

By diligently adhering to its mission and continually enhancing its resources and collaborations, TNN plays a vital role in elevating neonatal care standards in Taiwan and contributes to the broader global effort to improve neonatal healthcare.